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UK Green Investment Bank plc

30 May 2012 by Adrian Montague

  I thought I should tell you about some recent developments regarding the Green Investment Bank. First of all, the Bank has been formally incorporated as the UK Green Investment Bank plc, and the Bill to sanction the Bank’s activities has been introduced in Parliament.  We hope to receive State Aid approval within the next few months and then the Bank will be able formally to open its doors for…


Introducing UK Green Investments

22 December 2011 by Adrian Montague

In my last blog I said I would give you all a more detailed introduction into the UKGI team (or to give its full name, UK Green Investment) that has been established in BIS to handle early-stage transactions before GIB itself begins its operations after receiving State Aid approval (hopefully in the course of next year). The people involved are  Anthony Marsh, Charles Abel Smith, Ian Nolan,  Kenneth MacRitchie, Stephen…


(Re)Constructing success: a way forward for the Green Investment Bank?

19 December 2011 by Lord Nicholas Stern

As the Green Investment Bank (GIB) moves towards operational activity, the team is designing a strategy and guiding principles.  There is much to learn from the experience of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), whose mandate was, and is, the promotion of a transition to an open market economy in the countries of central and eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union (I had the good fortune to…


Green investment news

6 December 2011 by Adrian Montague

My last blogs have given you all a briefing on the initial preparation stages of bringing to fruition the vision for the Green Investment Bank – I will try to respond directly to the series of interesting comments soon – but in recent weeks the momentum has increased significantly. At its last meeting the Advisory Group reviewed an early draft of an important paper on the GIB’s Structure and Operating…


Good progress towards green investment

25 October 2011 by Adrian Montague

  Well, I’m afraid I have been neglecting the blog a little, but a lot has been happening and it’s time to catch up. Firstly, to answer Andrew MacIntyre’s blog comment, which basically asks, what’s the purpose of the Green Investment Bank?  The GIB’s key role will be to stimulate private sector investment in green projects. It’s clear that there are significant market failures that need to be overcome if…


Green Investment Bank – an update

27 July 2011 by Adrian Montague
Wind turbines

It’s time for an update on progress with the Green Investment Bank (GIB). I have been working with Vince Cable on bringing together the Advisory Group, and I hope an announcement will be made soon. When the Advisory Group has its first meeting in September, it will have the opportunity to review the work to date The Environmental Audit Committee has published the Government’s response to its report. While it…